12 Pack Mens Hemmed Stitch 100% Cotton White Handkerchief 16″ x 16″ (40cmx40cm)

  • Fibre Content: 100% Pure cotton – Great for most sensitive skins
  • Dudu N Girlie Quality Handerchiefs
  • 100% Cotton
  • Size: 40 x 40cm / 16″ x 16″ (approx)
  • Hemmed Borderd
  • An Ideal For The Loved Ones


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Reason #1: Dabbing your forehead or wiping off sweats off your cheek, brow, neck or forehead with handkerchief.

It’s nice to have  handkerchief to wipe off the sweat or dirt off your face when the need arises   and a good quality handkerchiefs is a perfect tool for this ‘cos let’s face it, a tissue isn’t going to come in handy at all times and not so environmentally friendly.

A handkerchief is a perfect accessory you can use to absorb or wipe out fluids such as sweat or rain drops off your forehead.And yeah, they can come in handy in case of emergency spill duty. Do not ever use your palm for this purpose.

Reason #2: To be Chivalrous: Offering it to a Lady when she needs it

Remember Robert De Niro from the movie – The Intern, yeah the one he played Ben – a 70-year-old ‘senior intern‘. He explains why it’s important for a gentleman to dress to impress and to always carry a handkerchief

– because women cry. Hence, the quote – A gentleman carries a handkerchief, not for himself, but in case a lady needs one.

Nothing says I’m here and ready to take care of you if you need me than being able to offer a hand (a handkerchief) to your lady when she needs it.

Therefore, as a true gentleman, you should always carry a clean handkerchief and be ready to offer it in times of great grief (tears of pain) or great joy (tears of joy).

Reason #3: Blowing your nose or wiping your runny nose

This one is pretty clear, although a lot of people might argue why tissue is better for this purpose. The truth is you can’t always carry a tissue around at all time.

It’s not decent, not classy and you can’t be disposing tissues around the places after blowing your nose

or wiping off snots dripping down.

This is one of the many reasons why a handkerchief is a perfect accessory for this purpose. Read on to find out how to do this without being messy about it.

Reason #4: Drying your hands

They say, a gentleman knows how to shake hands and is ready to do so (meaning no sweaty hands).

As we mentioned in our article on Proper Handshake Etiquette, you should always ensure your hand is dry and if your hand is cold from holding a cold drink or if your palms get sweaty naturally (clammy palms), wipe it with a clean handkerchief.

Reason #5: Using a clean white handkerchief as a pocket square

Yes, you can use a clean white handkerchief as a pocket square on your suit jackets or your native attires, however, some clear rules must be observed.

First of all, it must be a good quality white handkerchief made of 100% cotton.

As already mentioned, it has to be clean and well ironed. Then, it must be folded – a presidential fold (square fold) is the preferred choice.


Tip #1: Keep it neat, always!

Keep your handkerchief neat. Use only high-quality handkerchiefs (made from 100% cotton) that will last a really long time and wash them daily after usage.

Avoid using the same handkerchief more than once a day [even if it still looks clean].


Tip #2: Fold appropriately

Do not unfold completely and keep it that way. The best way to use it is to unfold it once, use it and fold it back again, then back into your pocket.


Tip #3: Keep it in the right pocket

Your handkerchief should be kept inside your jacket lower pockets or inside pockets [when you are wearing a jacket] or when you are not wearing a jacket, it should be kept inside your back and front trouser pockets.

After you’ve used it, your hanky should never be put in another pocket different from the one it has been in (before it was used). That’s how not to be messy about it.


Tip #4: Always carry two (2) handkerchiefs

Every gentleman should always have at least two (2) clean handkerchiefs with him at all times. One for him, one to offer to a crying lady or any guy in desperate need of it – like the guy I talked about earlier who was sweating profusely.


Tip #5: Don’t offer it to anyone unless you know it’s clean.

Do not share a used hanky with anyone, even if the person is desperately in need of it. Don’t offer it to anyone unless you know it’s clean. That’s why you should always observe Tip #4 above.


Tip #6: Go for the white or other light colored handkerchief

Use a proper clean hanky preferably white. No bandanas. No scarfs. No towels. No pocket square. These items would never really make a good handkerchief

or substitute for its function completely – primarily due to the type of material they are made of. Stick to a proper hanky.


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