12 pack Cotton Muslin Squares 70x70cm – Yellow

Pack of 12 premium quality white muslin squares/wraps Made from 100% cotton
– Machine washable
-Approximately 70cm x 70cm (28″x28″)
-Use for swaddling, burping, baby blanket, shielding when breastfeeding,
  nappy, changing mat cover, shade, play mat etc
-Made from 100% cotton muslin so breathable, soft and durable.
-The more you wash the softer they get!

Fabric: 100% Cotton.
Dimensions: 70 x 70 cm.
Machine washable at 40 degrees

Available in Blue, Cream, Pink , White, Mint and Yellow



Muslin Squares

Shop our Dudu N Girlie  of baby cotton  muslin squares, available in 6 colours for baby boys and girls. Muslin squares are must-haves during your baby’s first months. These soft, quick-drying, breathable cloths are made from natural pure soft muslin cotton, meaning they are incredibly soft to touch and gentle against a baby’s sensitive skin. They are the perfect security blanket too – your little one will love snuggling up against it! They also make fantastic bandana bibs and headscarf’s. Muslin squares are ideal for breastfeeding and can be used to protect clothing when winding and feeding your child. A must-have for your changing bag!


Dudu N Girlie are so super soft they make lovely blankets, not too hot in the warmer months but still provide a comforting cover when your little one needs a nap. Great for using in a car seat, as well as a buggy.


Muslin squares’ original use was actually as a washable nappy. Dudu N Girlie make surprisingly good nappies for newborns, check out YouTube for folding tips or use a prefold and simply add a Nappi Nippa to secure or insert into a washable cover.


The perfect thickness to swaddle a newborn, large muslin squares are lightweight enough that they provide an extra layer and are lovely and soft, but not so thick that your baby will overheat.


When your baby starts weaning, muslin squares are gentle for wiping little faces. Just dampen slightly and wipe away the latest feast! Dudu  N Girlie wash brilliantly, so even food stains will be a thing of the past.


You may not get much of a choice about this one, as muslins are around babies so much and they are so beautifully soft that little ones frequently adopt them as comforters.


When your baby has a sniffle it’s always hard to know where to put Olbas oil or Vicks vapor rub as you don’t want them to get their hands on it. The perfect solution is to dab a little on a muslin and leave somewhere close by, but out of reach. Olbas oil will fill the air and ease your baby’s breathing.


Muslin squares are the best cover-up for breastfeeding that we have ever used! You always have at least one on you, they are just the right size and your baby is so familiar with them that it won’t interfere with feeding. There are also no fiddly buttons or Velcro fastenings to deal with.


Spontaneous picnics are such fun in the summertime and a trusty Muslin used as a makeshift picnic blanket is absolutely ideal.


Amazingly, you can even turn a large muslin into a sling! Again, YouTube is your friend here and there are several videos which show you exactly how to do this. It’s perfect if you are also using your muslin as a breastfeeding cover because you can easily switch between the two functions.


Why should babies have all the fun! Our Mummies and Daddies are prime culprits for pinching their babies’ muslin squares and using them around the house and as part of their self-care routines. Our customers tell us they’ve used a versatile muslin for all sorts, including: cleaning their glasses, as a tea towel, for drying frizzy hair, washing and polishing their cars and they also make the softest face cloths for make-up removal!

About Dudu N Girlie

With a tighter weave and heavier weight, Dudu N Girlie  premium muslin squares are of a higher quality than most available on the market, yet still available at a great price. For more information about the Dudu N Girlie range which also includes swaddles, reusable wipes and Terry squares, visit www.dudungirlie.co.uk

Additional information

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 38 × 20 × 9 cm


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